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Online certification preparation courses are available to purchasers of Virginia Pesticide Applicator Training Manuals (see below for available category-specific courses). Online preparation courses are meant to help supplement learning and are not an acceptable substitute for having access to a physical copy of the manual.  All courses are restricted to 90 days of use.

If you are studying to take your Registered Technician or Private Applicator Exam you can fill out this form.

If you are studying to take your Commercial Applicator Exam you can fill out this form.

Contact Shanan Sessor for more information or if you are already registered, go to Canvas to access your course(s).

  • Virginia Core Manual – Applying Pesticides Correctly
  • Agricultural Plant Pest Control (1A)
  • Agricultural Animal Pest Control (1B)
  • Fumigation of Soil and Agricultural Products (1C)
  • Agricultural Chemigation (1D)
  • Forest Pest Control (2)
  • Ornamental Pest Control (3A)
  • Turf Pest Control (3B)
  • Seed Treatment (4)
  • Aquatic Pest Control (5A)
  • Marine Anti-Foulant Paints (5B)
  • Right-of-Way Pest Control (6)
  • General Pest Control (7A)
  • Management of Wood Destroying Organisms (7B)
  • Fumigation (Non-Agricultural) (7C)
  • Vertebrate Pest Control (7D)
  • Public Health Pest Control (8)
  • Regulatory Pest Control (9)
  • Demonstration and Research Pest Control (10)
  • Aerial Pesticide Application (11)
  • Wood Preservation and Wood Products Treatment (12)

Online Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training – Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training consists of 10 online, self-paced modules which cover the knowledge areas you must be proficient in to become a Certified Fertilizer Applicator (CFA) in Virginia. This course is offered separately from pesticide applicator certification training.